The majority of people spend about a third of their lives sleeping. It is therefore not surprising that the way your loved one sleeps in a nursing home or hospital can have a huge impact on their lives. This also shows how important it is to find a good quality stryker mattress for your loved one. If they don’t have a nice place to sleep at night, they may be affected in more ways than you can imagine. Here is why you must ensure your loved one has a good quality mattress.

A Good Mattress Can Improve Their Physical Health

Sleep is a crucial component of living a healthy life. While getting good quality sleep might not be enough to prevent you from getting sick altogether, failure to sleep well can cause a host of problematic conditions. For instance, research shows that lack of sleep is linked to heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Some studies show that it only takes four days of no sleep to increase blood glucose levels to a pre-diabetic state. This is part of the reason why you must get a high-quality stryker mattress for your loved one.

Improves Quality of Life

A high-quality mattress does more than just promote health and sleep. It also offers a wide range of benefits to your loved one’s mental health. Apart from that, research indicates that a high-quality stryker mattress can reduce your loved one’s allergy symptoms if they have any. It has also been shown to help relieve stress and provide respite from aches and pains. No one enjoys struggling all night and tossing in bed only to wake up super tired and cranky in the morning. With a good mattress, your loved one can wake up in a good mood each morning, and this can go a long way in improving the quality of their entire day.

A Good Mattress Improves Mental Health

It goes without saying that a bad mattress can interfere with sleep. At first, this starts by causing sleepless nights. Unfortunately, as this keeps happening, it will eventually lead to total sleep deprivation. This condition is linked to lots of short and long-term issues. For instance, research shows that sleep deprivation can lead to a lack of mindfulness. It has also been linked to frequent yawning, mood swings, and irritability. Lastly, if your loved one is suffering from a mental condition, sleep deprivation will only make it worse.

Finding a good nursing home for your loved one can be difficult. As you are doing so, it’s important to check out the quality of mattresses in each nursing home or hospital that you consider. There are about 2.5 million hospital and nursing home beds in use throughout the country. If you need to find a good mattress for your loved one, contact us today and we will assist you.