The cost of healthcare is currently on the rise. Hospitals are having a difficult time creating a balance between patient care and protecting their bottom line. With declining reimbursements from government and health insurers, medical facilities are looking out for new ways to cut the growing costs.

Refurbished hospital equipment has now become standard within the industry. Purchasing a used or reconditioned Stryker hospital bed can reduce operational costs while offering quality care to patients walking into the facility. However, hospital administrators need to have a sense of security and caution when buying refurbished hospital beds. Here are some key factors that healthcare providers should take into account.

1. Differentiate Used Vs. Refurbished

These two terms are often confused by hospital purchasers looking to find pre-owned equipment. A used Stryker hospital bed is usually in “as-is’ condition. It means that you may have to ensure that the equipment is ready for patient use before commissioning it.

Vendors that offer refurbished Stryker hospital beds will sell them as patient-ready. The re-manufacturer takes apart the bed and reassembles it into “like-new” condition. The restoration process is more thorough and costlier.

2. Inquire About Refurbishing Process

You may need to find out the reconditioning process and testing performed on the equipment. Let the representative take you through the teardown and reassembly process to refurbish the hospital bed. Whenever possible, go for equipment fitted with OEM parts. It ensures that the product will perform within the original design specifications. Be thorough in checking the finer details such as disposables, accessories, and sensors.

3. Ask for Documentation

Hospital admins need to be thorough in carrying out their research before settling for used hospital beds. There are over 2.5 million licensed hospital and nursing home beds currently in use. Healthcare providers should always ask for documentation for the beds they intend to buy. Ask for the serial numbers. The serial numbers can help you learn more about the equipment with important details such as year of manufacture, use location, upgrades, and service records.

4. Include Warranty and Service Coverage For Your Purchase

Regardless of the quality of the used Stryker hospital bed, there is still a small possibility of encountering an issue within the first 90 days. It may only be a simple adjustment or a major reconstruction. Look for a reputable vendor that is willing to offer technical support to their clients. Most hospitals and medical facilities struggle to maintain and repair beds using their internal departments. A service coverage with periodic inspections can ensure that the refurbished birthing bed is in proper and safe working order.

5. Work With Reputable Suppliers

Hospital administrators may need to be frugal, especially when dealing with major capital investments such as beds. However, there is a fine line between cost-cutting and losing money through compromised quality. Wise buyers would buy from certified and experienced vendors to ensure they do not get worthless or unsafe beds. Your patients’ recovery may hang on the refurbished Stryker hospital bed that you purchase. Ensure that you buy equipment that is in pristine condition and mechanically reliable.

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Sourcing for refurbished hospital beds can be stressful for hospital administrations. The procurement departments ought to do their homework on all aspects regarding the purchase. Piedmont Medical can help you source reconditioned Stryker hospital beds for your facility.