Hospital equipment might not be something you think about on a regular basis, but there are countless interesting facts out there that might surprise you. For example, hospital bed mattresses and hospital beds tend to have a weight limit. According to Forbes, the standard hospital bed can handle between 400 to 600 lbs. There are thousands of different pieces of equipment that hospitals use daily. Take a look at these three interesting facts about hospital equipment that you might not have otherwise heard of.

Almost Anything Can Be Leased

If you need to purchase medical equipment for yourself and you are on a tight budget, you don’t have to worry. Just about anything can be financed or leased. If it doesn’t look like your insurance company is willing to pay for what you need, look into leasing options to help you get the equipment that is necessary to your specific conditions for an affordable monthly cost.

It Is Safe to Use Second-Hand Equipment

Secondhand or used equipment can be just as safe to use as brand-new equipment. You might be wary about making this decision. However, you should not be concerned. When a machine is refurbished, it goes through a very diligent cleaning and sterilizing process. Some insurance companies will allow patients to use refurbished or reprocessed equipment to save some money. If you need to utilize used equipment, it is perfectly safe.

One of The Most Important Pieces of Equipment Is Considered the Stretcher

In a hospital setting, one of the most important pieces of hospital equipment is the stretcher. When a patient is in critical condition, the ability to move them from one place in a hospital to the next quickly is crucial. It can be life-threatening not to have that option. Hospital stretchers are vital to the survival and health of many in a hospital. Hospital bed mattresses are also extremely important to the well-being of patients. Without a comfortable and clean hospital bed, there would be nowhere for patients in need to stay when they are being cared for by medical professionals. This equipment is deemed some of the most important.

Hospital equipment is responsible for saving the lives of thousands. There are so many interesting things to know about the ins and outs of this field. You might not have considered that a lot of equipment can be reused if properly sanitized or that the stretcher is one of the most important pieces in a hospital. Contact Piedmont Medical Inc. if you are interested in renting or purchasing a hospital bed.