From life-saving machines to diagnostic aids, medical devices help shape treatment outcomes for sick and injured people. Discover four pieces of must-have medical equipment for every hospital.


Stretchers are designed to minimize discomfort or risk of injury while transporting patients through the hospital. Modern stretchers feature ergonomic designs and adjustable features that improve their functionality.

Adjustable heights make patient transfers easier. Raising the head of the stretcher puts the patient in a sitting position, which is especially helpful for respiratory distress. Lowering the head to flatten the stretcher facilitates CPR and other techniques.

Manual External Defibrillators

Another essential piece of medical equipment every hospital needs is a manual external defibrillator (AED). Trained medical professionals select the correct shock frequencies on these devices and administer to patients as needed.

Manual defibrillators may include advanced monitoring features that report the patient’s cardiac activity. An electrocardiogram (ECG) can show medical personnel the heart rate and the strength of the heart’s electrical impulses.

Vital Signs Monitors

Vital signs monitors allow healthcare professionals to track a patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and temperature. Some vital signs monitors can integrate with electronic health record systems, improving patient data management.

Vital signs monitors provide continuous data that empowers medical personnel to intervene swiftly. Monitoring the body’s basic functions helps healthcare teams with everything from finding infections early on to detecting inconspicuous medical problems.


Finally, infection prevention is of paramount importance in medical care settings. Sterilizers like autoclaves are critical for maintaining a sterile hospital environment.

Autoclaves use steam under pressure to eliminate microorganisms on certain instruments, implants, and equipment. Removing bacteria, fungi, and spores reduces the risk of hospital-associated infections, protecting patients, visitors, and staff.

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