Outpatient surgical care centers offer scheduled services, consultations, urgent care needs, and minor outpatient surgical procedures like biopsies. These care facilities provide safe, convenient, and quality care at a lower cost than inpatient surgery centers.

Operating room furniture creates a safe and comfortable environment for patients and medical professionals. Learn more about three essential pieces of furniture for a well-equipped surgery center.


Stretchers, also called gurneys, can support patients during pre-op, the procedure, and post-op. Optional stretcher table features include arm cushions, IV rods, and lap trays.

Stretcher chairs are an especially versatile procedural stretcher. They allow convenient surgical positioning that relieves pressure on a patient’s tissues and gives surgical teams optimal access to the site.

Minimize Stress With Stretcher Chairs

Easily adjust the stretcher to lie flat or fold into a comfortable chair. Patients can rest on the stretcher from intake to release, minimizing the amount of furniture you need in your facility and streamlining the procedure.

Surgical Chairs

Ergonomic surgical chairs are another type of essential furniture for a well-equipped surgery center. They enhance the surgeon’s comfort and support precise movements. Operating chairs equipped with foot-operated electrical controls allow users to adjust the chairs smoothly and easily.

Surgical chairs have adjustable height and backrests. Use the removable armrests to relieve back, shoulder, and neck pressure, or remove the armrests for a wider range of movement.

Procedure Carts

Procedure carts and mayo stands are two tools for organizing devices in the OR. Manufacturers create customized carts for the unique needs of different departments.

Procedure carts may be general-purpose or specialized, such as anesthesia carts. Manufacturers make the carts with antimicrobial materials and they include shelves, accessory storage, and chart holders. Surgical teams can use these carts to pack the necessary accessories, including IV poles, technological supplies, and more.

Stretchers, surgical chairs, and procedure carts enhance the safety and efficiency of surgery centers. Piedmont Medical’s selection of used hospital furniture includes high-quality Stryker stretchers. Shop with us today for furnishings that improve your outpatient surgery center for clinicians and patients.