According to Statista, as of 2019, there were a total of about 248 thousand hospital beds available in hospitals with a 500-bed capacity or greater. With this capacity available, American hospitals weathered the worst surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, but in many places only barely. As the pandemic trails off, hospitals and nursing homes are looking to replace their worn-out beds and other infrastructure.

Recycled Components

With the addition of many retired beds to the waste stream, companies that recycle old beds have been rescuing many beds made in just the last few years from an ignominious end as contaminated trash. These beds have expensive components that, refurbished, can have many years of life left in them and work well for other hospitals. Working with this raw material can also save hospitals thousands of dollars versus a brand-new bed.

Works With Budgeting

As you would suspect, used hospital beds offer all the benefits of a new hospital bed at a fraction of the cost. Cash-strapped hospitals and nursing homes, stressed by the COVID-19 pandemic, are looking to rapidly rebuild their fleets of beds without breaking their budgets. They are looking for inexpensive, plentiful remanufactured hospital beds to fill that gap. A remanufactured bed is easier to fit into your budgeting plan than a new bed, and two or three remanufactured beds can be bought for the cost of one new one.

Lowered Cost

If you have a home need for a hospital bed, such as someone in long-term care or palliative care at home, you may not have the budget for a new bed. Refurbished beds come at an average of one-half to one-third of the retail cost of new equipment. For companies that supply beds and home users of those beds, this lower cost creates the opportunity to own a bed that they otherwise would not have. Providing for the needs of an older parent or a mobility-impaired adult becomes much easier with a modern, power-actuated bed.

A refurbished hospital bed is a smart economic move in uncertain times. You can fill your organizational or personal needs without spending thousands more on a new bed. Contact Piedmont Medical Inc. today to learn more about refurbished beds in today’s market.