Having high-quality equipment that meets the needs of your patients and medical staff is key to a well-run hospital. The national average for hospital stays stands at 4.5 days, making hospital beds key equipment for any facility. This is especially true for birthing beds in maternity wings, as 98% of all births occur within a hospital setting.

A high-quality birthing bed provides comfort and support to the mother during labor. With the pandemic upending the normal supply chains, hospital administrators are having challenges finding the right suppliers for their medical equipment. In the rush, they end up making costly mistakes detrimental to the facility’s financial health.

Here are four mistakes that you need to avoid when picking suppliers for refurbished birthing beds for your hospital.

1. Failing to Conduct Due Diligence

Your hospital may be pressed with a rising influx of patients, with the numbers overwhelming the existing infrastructure. While it may seem logical to bypass researching the medical supplies provider, it may not be the best option. The vendor’s website may open up a lot of information to help you do your homework. Find out how long they have been in operation and the equipment that they specialize in. Does the provider have a steady supply of the birthing beds that you require? What does their inventory look like? The more research you do, the better your decisions will be.

2. Not Following Up On References Provided

Just as you call on the references during your staff recruitment, you may need to do the same for your birthing beds supplier. You ought to find out what past clients say about their services. You can readily access this information from their website or other medical review sites. Read through the testimonials and complaints and see how the vendor responds to each. Reputable vendors will have no issue providing referrals to past clients that they have served in the past.

3. Focusing On Price Only

As a hospital administrator, it is in your facility’s best interests to keep overhead costs low. However, opting for cheap birthing beds may prove costly later on. You may want to avoid suppliers with low-quality equipment that will necessitate repairs few days after bringing them into your hospital. You may need to thoroughly inspect the Stryker hospital beds before purchase to ensure that you get value for your money. Request multiple quotes from different vendors and compare them. Find a provider that fits within your budget limits without compromising on the quality of the equipment.

4. Not Vetting the Supplier’s Sources

You may need to pay close attention to where the vendors get their equipment. Previous use and maintenance schedules may affect the service life of the birthing beds that you intend to purchase. Request the supplier to provide you with bed serial numbers to verify their authenticity. The equipment should be in pristine condition, have no corrosions, and be mechanically reliable. Transparency throughout the buying process may help you have peace of mind that you are making the right choice by purchasing from the vendor.

With the disrupted supply chains, it may be difficult to source birthing beds for your medical clinic. Avoiding the four mistakes above when choosing suppliers can help smoothen your buying process. Piedmont Medical can help you source for the used hospital beds that you may require for your facility.