The right accessories can make hospital beds more comfortable and functional, benefiting patients and healthcare teams. Improve the quality of patient care you provide with these three essential accessories that can enhance your hospital bed.

Automatic Overbed Table

Thanks to a low-profile design and adjustable height, an automatic overbed table can easily be positioned over the patient’s bed. The patient can use the table as a stable surface for eating, taking medications, reading, and using electronic devices and other personal items.

An overbed table helps keep essential items within reach, reducing the need to call for assistance. The table enhances each patient’s ability to act more independently and avoid strain, empowering them during recovery.

Headboard and Footboard Shells

Headboard and footboard shells are more examples of essential accessories that can enhance your hospital bed. The headboard supports the patient’s head and provides a sturdy surface to lean against when sitting up. A footboard acts as a protective barrier and can keep the patient’s feet in the right position on the bed.

Additional accessories may be mounted on the headboard and footboard. For example, an overhead trapeze bar on the headboard assists in moving, raising, and lowering the patient. If your headboard or footboard is damaged, replace them immediately to protect the bedframe, safeguard the patient from bumps, and maintain a stable surface for accessories.

Pressure Redistribution Mattress

Finally, a pressure redistribution mattress is crucial for improving patient comfort and preventing pressure injuries that cause the skin to break down. Advanced materials and design distribute the patient’s weight more evenly across the surface to reduce pressure at specific points on the body.

Pressure ulcers are a serious concern for immobile patients. Pressure redistribution mattresses promote better circulation and reduce the risk of pressure wound development on vulnerable skin and tissue on the heels, hips, shoulders, and other areas.

Create a more positive and effective healthcare environment with overbed tables, headboard and footboard shells, and pressure redistribution mattresses. Piedmont Medical is the nation’s premier source for high-quality reconditioned hospital furniture. Shop with us for these accessories and more to improve your facility’s patient outcomes.