The vast majority of births in developed countries happen on hospital beds. Many of these beds have been specially designed to help ease the strain of the birthing process and keep the mother as safe as possible. While you’re likely to find these sorts of beds in modern hospitals, you can also find them in use for in-home births. But before we get into the features of the Stryker birthing bed, let’s cover the basics.

What Is a Birthing Bed?

A birthing bed is similar to a standard hospital bed but is designed with extra features to make the birthing process both safer and a little easier on the mother.

Why Use a Birthing Bed?

While not strictly necessary for a safe birth, birthing beds give both the mother and caregiver security and comfort during the birthing process. Mobility, simple operation, and an overall ergonomic design work to provide both comfort and safety.

Stryker Birthing Beds

Stryker birthing beds have a variety of features designed to assist both the mother and anyone attending to them. Its patented Lock-Rite foot section glides off, providing a breakdown that’s quick and easy. Other features include its adjustable-length footrests, patented Skoocher feature (which moves Mom closer to the ‘edge’ of the bed with just the touch of a button), and a comfortable mattress with an integrated egg-crate, high-memory topper.

Stryker birthing beds are a great choice of equipment for expectant mothers and midwives as well as hospitals with maternity wards. Single-button controls provide easy repositioning with minimal effort, allowing for maximum comfort without a lot of awkward shuffling.

Stryker birthing beds are a fantastic option for hospitals as well as in-home births attended by a midwife or nurse. While birthing beds are not strictly necessary for a safe birth, they do increase the comfort of the mother and anyone attending to her throughout the process. Stryker birthing beds in particular have a long list of features designed to assist the mother and her caregivers. Single-button controls and adjustable sections allow the mother to be comfortable before, during, and after the birth. Connect with us today to learn more about the Stryker birthing bed.