The average cost of a hospital stay in the United States, according to HCUP, is a little over $10,700. Hospital or birthing bed costs are a major factor in this. In the United States, there are about 2.5 million beds in nursing homes and hospitals.

Patients with chronic diseases require hospital beds whether they are receiving treatment from home, hospital, or any other health facility. Hospital beds are an essential aspect of patient care throughout medical centers and hospitals in the United States and refurbished hospital beds offer a solution.

Investing in renovated hospital beds has several advantages. Below are some of those advantages.

They’re Reasonably Priced

Buying a reconditioned hospital bed might save you more than half the cost of buying a new hospital bed. When you buy a refurbished hospital or birthing bed from the best vendors, you can save a significant amount of money while still obtaining a bed that looks and works like new.

They Go Through a Thorough Reconditioning Process

Reconditioning follows a state-of-the-art procedure. Innovative processes are in place by the top providers of refurbished hospital beds. They are designed to recondition hospital beds to work as new again. They begin by examining the bed frame for any damaged or deformed elements. All parts are fixed or replaced as necessary to ensure the hospital or birthing bed works as it should. The entire bed frame is dismantled and cleaned to accomplish this.

The end goal is to ensure that refurbished beds are completely functional and satisfy the manufacturer’s requirements. To ensure their safety on their journey to medical institutions, refurbished hospital beds are supplied completely wrapped in plastic. If they need to be placed in special stands for a stable voyage, they are wrapped in blankets. Delivered in boxes, the foot and headboard are ready to be installed as soon as the delivery arrives.

In-home Care is Made Easier

It’s not just the patient who benefits from having a hospital or birthing bed at home; caregivers can also avoid musculoskeletal issues by using one. Healthcare employees are more likely than workers in nearly any other field to have musculoskeletal injuries, according to the US Department of Labor Statistics.


Hospital beds are among the most effective beds for those who struggle with mobility and chronic illnesses. The great thing is they are not just limited to hospitals; they can also be used for home care. They are an excellent solution for providing optimum comfort, functionality, and safety in your house or healthcare facility. Contact us today for more information on a birthing bed.