When you or your loved one suffers from limited mobility due to injury or infection, you have to consider several items. One of the top issues on the list is an ergonomic hospital bed. Hospital beds are at the center of patient care, and the type of bed selected affects the healing process.

The wrong type of bed results in several issues including:

  • Bedsores
  • Improper handling of the patient
  • Bed falls and injuries
  • Higher costs due to extended patient stay

The right hospital bed should be simple, safe, and comfortable to provide an ideal recovery environment. Here are some reasons why you need to get a resolution bed for your patient.

Patient Comfort

The resolution bed from Piedmont Medical Inc. provides 100% patient comfort. The bed can rotate 90 degrees on either side of the bed, allowing for easier egress. This feature allows the bed to convert from bed to chair format easily. This mobility allows for more interactive hospital visits for you and your loved ones.

The chair format allows for more natural movement when stepping out of bed, providing a low safe height. The bed also features ergonomic arm rail rests for support. The button movement controls on the side rails allow you to adjust the bed to the desired position.

Caregiver Convenience

A proper hospital bed allows for easier patient handling by all caregivers. The resolution bed has 360- degree mobility from all four directional casters, which eases patient movement. The stand-assist feature puts the bed above standard hospital stretchers as the patient can move out of the bed with ease. Additionally, caregivers can monitor local bed status using information from the bed alert monitors.

For local hospitals and nursing homes, the open architecture platform allows for bed reconditioning after several years of use. The resolution bed is a four-generation bed that supports constant upgrades and reconditioning. This allows refurbished hospital beds to serve other patients for many more years.

Better Patient Outcomes

The selection of an appropriate bed has a significant impact on patient outcomes. Weak hospital bed frames lead to more injuries and discomfort for the patient. Some patients develop bedsores and respiratory complications.

The resolution bed maintains the desired position of the patient preventing “sliding” off. The comfy stretcher bed mattress reduces the risk of skin breakdown and ulcerations. Recent studies show that the average hospital stay is about 4.5 days. It is, therefore, important that the patient’s bed is comfortable and nearly meets the comfort levels they are used to in their own bed.


One of the major issues faced in hospital wards is patient falls. The falls do not only pose a danger to the patient but also risk injuring the caregiver. This also puts the hospital in jeopardy as they risk legal action from both patients and caregivers. To address this, the resolution bed has break-locks on all four casters allowing for more efficient stops. The arm rail handles also lock in the patient preventing fall-related injuries.

A comfortable and safe hospital bed is essential for your loved one’s recovery process. Acquiring the resolution bed will settle your fears about safety, comfort, and convenience. The bed utilizes advanced technology to provide high-quality care, efficiently and consistently.