In 2016, there were more than 35.7 million people who stayed in a U.S. hospital. Among those staying at hospitals were likely many pregnant women. It’s important for hospitals to have beds that can make for suitable birthing beds whenever an expectant mother is going to deliver. There are different options that might be useful to consider. Here are three types of hospital beds that can potentially be used as a birthing bed.

1. Full-electric bed

Full-electric hospital beds are beds that are electronically powered. The head area, the feet area, and the height of the frame can all be adjusted through a remote control or buttons located on the side of the bed. It allows a pregnant woman to be able to adjust the bed herself rather than wait for a hospital employee to do it. Since the height of the bed can be adjusted, it can be lowered enough to make it easier for a pregnant woman to step off of the bed if she needs to. Different brands of electric beds include Stryker hospital beds and Hill Rom patient beds.

2. Manual hospital bed

Manual hospital beds are beds where the position and height are all controlled manually. In most cases, it’s usually through the use of a crank. This type of bed is ideal if it’s unlikely the patient will need or desire constant position changing. Manual hospital beds are typically more affordable than an electric bed. Additionally, because a manual hospital bed does not use any electricity, it also makes it a more eco-friendly option.

3. Semi-electric hospital bed

As the name indicates, semi-electric beds provide the best of both worlds in being partially electronic and partially manual. The parts of the bed that are generally adjusted electronically are the head area and the feet area. The part of the bed that has to be adjusted manually is the height. It’s an ideal birthing bed if you expect a pregnant patient will only desire frequent head and leg repositioning, but not as much changes with the height.

Having a comfortable bed is an important part of taking care of a pregnant woman. It’s helpful to choose a birthing bed that can provide the necessary adjustments that the specific patient will need or desire. Each of these options can be helpful in providing that.