Many people and organizations need hospital beds. Hospitals account for a significant portion of this need and there are 6,200 hospitals in the United States alone. To keep their beds up-to-date, many of these hospitals will dispose of their beds once they wear out to make room for new ones. However, this practice can be wasteful and costly. Purchasing refurbished hospital beds is a significant step that has helped the medical field in many different ways.

Here are the advantages of using refurbished hospital beds.

Saves Money

The budget for hospitals is usually tight because medical supplies are costly. Beds alone are expensive and their steep shipping costs don’t make them any more affordable. When budgeting, hospital managers can make the wise financial decision of getting refurbished hospital beds. These beds often come at a discounted price when compared to new beds but offer the same comforts and quality.

A hospital stretcher is another vital piece of equipment that you can buy second-hand. Hospitals should consider getting them to save on costs that would have been used to buy new ones. Find stretchers for sale and settle for one with a pocket-friendly price. This is a plus for both doctors in private hospitals as well as families who would like to take care of their loved ones at home.

Environmentally Friendly

Throwing away beds that have worn out affects the environment because they fill up landfills and can release certain toxins. Refurbishing used beds helps avoid this negative effect on the environment. Also, buying used hospital beds reduces the energy and resources that would have been used to make new beds. All of this makes using refurbished hospital beds a very green solution.

Reduced Wait Times

Patients usually wait for many hours to get a permanent bed. Having used hospital beds ready in hospitals can help reduce their waiting time and give them a place to relax. This is especially important for severely ill patients. They cannot sit in the waiting room while their documents are being processed.

Reduce Psychological Stress

Psychological stress is normal in sick people. Hospital beds have been made in a way that the patient has access to everything that he or she wants. This accessibility can reduce the psychological stress of being confined to a bed as the patient can feel more independent.

Finding a hospital bed in a timely fashion is difficult, as mentioned earlier, which means that a patient usually suffers before getting comfortable. This leads to prolonged psychological stress, which may deteriorate their health. Refurbished hospital beds can help save patients from the psychological stress of waiting.

High-Quality Beds

Buying used doesn’t mean that you’re buying a lower-quality product. You can purchase refurbished hospital beds from Stryker, one of the top hospital bed manufacturers. With this high-quality product, you can rest assured that the mattress and frame will last for an extended period of time.

Getting refurbished hospital beds is advantageous for both new hospitals and stay at home patients. Stryker hospital bed rental services give clients a chance to get effective hospital beds on time. Contact Piedmont Medical, Inc today to learn more about how purchasing a refurbished hospital bed could benefit you.