Stryker Secure II Bed Round Arm Rails

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The Stryker 3002 Secure II Bed is safe, easy to use, and the design is proven. The Secure II bed is used in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Homes, and Teaching Schools. Secure II Beds can be configured to meet Hospital and Nursing Home needs. This unique bed is capable of being positioned for emergency situations and patient comfort. Teaching Schools get an easy to operate, safe, up to date hospital bed to train new nurses. The Secure II bed has optional features such as scale, bed exit, side rail communications, and IV Pole.

Safety is First with Stryker Secure II

Faced with increasing patient weight, age and acuity, clinicians unwittingly take on more risk as they are counted upon to provide superior care despite limited time and resources. Such expectations demand a patient handling solution that not only protects your patients, but also reduces the possibility of compromising your personal safety.


Easy to Use Proven Design: Stryker 3002

Secure II Bed Perfect for Varying Needs
Intuitive operation is paramount in today’s fast- paced environment where time is critical. The Stryker 3002 Secure II bed features a wide range of clinical capabilities coupled with straight-forward, easy to understand controls make the Secure II an exceptionally convenient bed to use.

Fully customizable through a host of features designed around safety and ease of use, Secure II provides infinitely-adaptable functionality to meet your varying needs. Having a Stryker 3002 Secure II bed system that works for you allows you a greater opportunity to focus on your patient’s recovery.

With its round arm rails, the Stryker Secure II offers an ergonomic design promoting patient mobility. This bed incorporates advanced technology, providing caregivers with intuitive controls. Adjust the bed’s settings according to patient needs, providing each individual with a personalized treatment and recovery experience.

Adapt the features on your Stryker Secure II hospital bed, such as a built-in scale for easy patient weight measurement, bed exit alarm for safety, side rail communications for immediate staff alert, and an IV pole for medical fluid administration. Talk with us today about the Stryker Secure II bed with round arm rails for hospitals, nursing homes, home care, and educational institutions.

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Overall Length: 93” (236.2 cm)
Overall Width (siderails up): 42 ½” (107.9 cm)
Overall Width (siderails down): 40” (102 cm)
Height Overall / High Position: 30” (76.2 cm)
Height Overall / Low Position: 16” (30.6 cm)
Caster Size: 6” (15.2 cm)
Fowler: 0° to 60°
Knee Gatch: 0° to 40°
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg: 12°
Retraction: 14” (35.6 cm)
Patient Surface: 35” x 84” (88.9 cm x 213.4 cm)
Patient Weight: 500 lb. (226.8 kg)

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