Stryker 1005 M-Series Stretcher

The Stryker 1005 M-Series Stretcher sets a new standard in patient transport within healthcare facilities. Offering a maximum patient weight capacity of 700 pounds, significantly above the typical 500-pound capacity, this stretcher caters to a broader spectrum of patient needs. The gurney hospital stretcher’s robust design and superior weight capacity make it a reliable choice for enhancing accessibility. Accommodate a wider range of patient body types and provide exceptional care with the Stryker 1005 M-Series Stretcher.

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Overall Length: 84” (213.4 cm)
Overall Width (siderails up): 33 ½” (85.1 cm) or 37” (94 cm) [30” litter]
Overall Width (siderails down): 30 ¼” (76.8 cm) or 30 ¾ (78.1 cm) [30” litter]
Height Overall – High Position: 34” (86.4 cm)
Height Overall – Low Position: 20 ¾” (52.7 cm)
Patient Surface: 26” x 74 ¼” (66 cm x 188.6 cm) or 30” x 74 ¼’’ (76.2 cm x 188.6 cm)
Siderails: 14” x 57 ¾” (35.6 cm x 146.7 cm)
Caster Size: 8” (20.3 cm)
Knee Gatch: 0°-40°
Backrest: 0° – 90°
Maximum Angle:
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg: ±16°
Maximum Patient Weight: 700 lb. (317.5 kg)

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