Hill-Rom P3200 VersaCare Bed

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Overall Length – Foot Section Extended: 94 ½” (240 cm)
Overall Length – Foot Section Retracted: 82 ½” (210 cm)
Maximum Width (siderails stored): 37” (94 cm)
Maximum Width (siderails up): 40” (102 cm)
Maximum Headboard Height: 39 ½” (100 cm)
Mattress to Siderail Height: 9 ½” (24 cm)
Minimum Under-Bed Clearance: 3” (8 cm) 1 ¼” (3.18 cm)
IntelliDrive® Transport System bedsWheel Base: 26 ¾” x 62” (67.95 cm x 157.48 cm)
Surface Dimensions: 35 ½” x 86 2/5’’ (90 cm x 219.5 cm)
Caster Size: 5” (13 cm) standard, or 6” (15 cm) optional (standard on IntelliDrive® Transport System beds)
Bed Lift Capacity (safe working load) (includes patient weight, mattress, IV poles, and such): 550 lb. (249 kg)
Total Weight without Surface: 495 lb. (224 kg)
Head Section Inclination (maximum): 65°
Knee Section Inclination (maximum): 16°
Foot Section Inclination (maximum): -27°

The Hill-Rom P3200 VersaCare Bed features the state-of-the-art IntelliDrive transport system. Powered transport allows healthcare staff to easily maneuver and guide the bed with less physical effort, reducing strain and improving efficiency. This system is particularly advantageous when patients must be moved frequently or over long distances within a hospital. Equip your medical facility with the Hill-Rom P3200 VersaCare Bed for essential safety and adjustability features and state-of-the-art powered transportation.

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