Are you or a loved one in need of some extra care at home? Hospital beds can be a great addition to your home to help individuals and home patients with certain issues gain back some of their lost independence and feel more comfortable. This will look at the many reasons why you should own a hospital bed.

Easy to Use

With many hospital beds, they can adjust the bed with just the touch of a button. This ability to adjust your bed can give you or your loved one the independence they need to be at the most comfortable. Although at home, you deserve the same type of bed flexibility as patients in the hospital.


Hospital beds, unlike traditional beds, are designed to be compatible with other health care devices. These beds are designed to make transferring to a wheelchair, rollator, bed table, or transfer device, easier and more convenient. Your regular bed, although it is what you are used to, would not provide this extra compatibility.

Additional Safety

Hospital beds also have an added safety feature to provide security. These beds come with the option of having a half rail or a full rail. This means that you and your loved one can rest easy knowing that there is no risk of falling off the bed during the night.

Prevent Pressure Sores and Ulcers

Hospital mattresses are made with an extended stay in mind. These mattresses are equipped with unique hospital-grade mattresses that will help reduce the risk of pressure sores and ulcers. </p

Investing in your own hospital mattress at home is a great way to maintain comfort and compatibility with your patient’s treatment. It can even end up being cheaper. According to The Commonwealth Fund, a study found that the total cost of at-home care was 32 percent less than traditional hospital care. You also do not want to use your own mattress for this because it can ruin its form after time. To get started with an at-home hospital bed, contact us today.