Hospital births remain a preferred choice for mothers giving birth. According to the National Academy of Sciences, 98.4% of women opt to give birth in hospitals. Luckily, there is a good number of birthing beds in the country. According to the FDA, there are 2.5 million hospitals and nursing beds in the US. So, is there a need for more? Does your hospital need a birthing bed?

There is a good chance a woman will give birth in your hospital at some point. If your hospital caters to a significant percentage of mothers in labor, you may need a birthing bed. But what advantage does a birthing bed bring to your hospital? Well, this article explores four crucial benefits.

1. Comfort and Ease of Delivery

A hospital bed allows a woman in labor to rest in various positions, such as the throne, ball-on-bed, semi-prone, or semi-reclined positions, when in a labor room. Birthing beds are repurposed to move in unconventional directions to provide the most comfort. Once the baby arrives, the mother and the child can relax together on the multipurpose bed. It is imperative that you invest in these beds to provide expecting mothers with much-needed comfort.

2. Increased Mobility

Beds are not typically made with mobility in mind. Yet birthing beds have features like rails to increase mobility. A woman in labor may have reduced mobility, but a birthing bed may ease their movement. The bed may also aid in clinical procedures requiring a specific position.

3. Saving on Costs if you use Refurbished Beds

A significant percentage of birthing beds are refurbished. Refurbished birthing beds perform just as well as new ones. Quality control tests also ensure that they are working. consequently, your hospital can benefit from having a quality bed at a reduced cost.

4. Better Sustainability Ratings for Your Hospital

If you invest in a refurbished birthing bed, you will reduce wastage while receiving an eco-friendly hospital bed. A leaner budget does have to mean sacrificing quality or investing in new beds every time. Refurbished birthing beds promote sustainability.

Surely, your hospital will benefit from acquiring a birthing bed, especially if it is refurbished. More expectant women will visit your hospital because birthing beds are considered to be a superior service. Contact Piedmont Medical, Inc. to get advice on the most suitable eco-friendly birthing beds.