Did you know? In 2016 alone, more than 35.7 million people stayed in a hospital in the United States.

When you’re searching for used or reconditioned medical equipment for a hospital or care center, you know how important it is to prioritize high-quality standards. When people’s health and wellness are at stake, you can’t be too careful. Unfortunately, that makes finding refurbished hospital beds and hospital stretchers for sale somewhat tricky.

That’s where Piedmont Medical steps in. With a wide range of product offerings, including high-quality hospital stretchers and stretcher bed mattresses, Piedmont Medical is one source you can rely on to provide the stretchers you need with quality you trust. To learn more about different stretchers you can buy used, read on.

Hill-Rom Stretchers

As one of the biggest names in the industry, Hill-Rom stretchers are used in hospitals everywhere. They are an innovative company, working to supply their important customers with the products they need to give patients the highest possible level of care. When your used stretcher supplier implements a careful 10-step reconditioning process, you can rest assured that the same quality will live on in used Hill-Rom stretchers for your patients.

Stryker Stretchers

Similar in popularity and value to Hill-Rom Stretchers, Stryker rises to the heavy demands placed upon them by healthcare professionals everywhere. Stretchers from Stryker are designed to give caregivers the maximum assistance possible, providing optimal safety and efficiency, enhancing the patient experience to the highest possible degree. Once again, a thorough restoration process ensures that used Stryker stretcher beds carry on the same level of quality that makes the brand famous.

Stretcher Reconditioning Process

Top stretcher and hospital bed providers rely upon a state of the art reconditioning process for stretchers. This critical process is described roughly below:

  1. First, the stretcher will be inspected visually to check for broken or bent components. These will be either replaced completely or carefully repaired, to ensure the stretcher functions properly.
  2. From here the entire frame is disassembled for cleaning.
  3. Next, the stretcher frame is thoroughly cleaned. At this stage, any stickers or decals left on the stretcher will be removed.
  4. The stretcher frame and any pans or arm rails connected to it will then be sanded rigorously in a separate room.
  5. The stretcher frame and components are cleaned again to remove any lingering dust or dirt.
  6. The stretcher components are professionally painted.
  7. After being reassembled with new parts, the stretcher will be inspected one last time by an expert before being shipped off.
  8. Finally, the stretcher is wrapped in a protective plastic and a blanket to be shipped by industry standards.

From sourcing to shipping, now you can easily see why Piedmont Medical is a trusted source for refurbished hospital stretchers, beds, and other medical equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our in-depth reconditioning process.