If you are new to the hospital or medical world, it can seem like all hospital beds are created equal. However, this is rarely the case. A hospital bed can not only come in different sizes and styles, but can also be outfitted with several different features. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of the most popular hospital beds and what makes them unique.

Hill-Rom and Stryker Beds

Hill-Rom and Stryker are some of the most trusted and dependable brands in the hospital bed industry. With several years and generations of devoted clientele, hospitals often lean towards either a stryker hospital bed or a hill rom patient bed for general patient care. These beds are usually enforced with sidebars and handles so that the caretaker has easy access to the patient. In some cases, these beds have scales to keep tabs on the patient’s weight. Almost all Hill-Rom and Stryker beds fold and move with exceptional ease, earning them a ton of reputability in the medical field.

ICU Hospital Beds

ICU hospital beds differ from traditional hospital beds in that they are much more dynamic and easy to transport, while being designed to handle patients in critical condition. ICU beds ensure that caregivers have ample space to perform emergency care as needed, while always being automatic to avoid the hassle of manual adjustments. They are also fitted with pressure-relieving mattresses to ensure the patient’s comfort.

Birthing Hospital Beds and Stretchers

Birthing beds are a more specialized type of hospital bed. These beds are designed with specifically expectant mothers in mind. Remotes can help move the mother’s body as she gives birth, and extra flexibility ensures that the patient is always comfortable. Childbirth can be a painful and stressful process, and most mothers give birth in a hospital bed. A birthing bed works to alleviate any unnecessary pain in the birthing process.

Stretchers are generally used in cases of high transportation needs. If a patient needs to be taken in and out of surgery, or is being taken into an ambulance, a stretcher is the most common way of speeding them through the hospital for adequate medical care. Stretchers are collapsible and easy to store, while other hospital beds tend to take longer to assemble.

All in all, every hospital bed has its ideal use. While stretchers and traditional hospital beds are more interchangeable, specialty beds like birthing beds are only used as needed. If you are looking for more details as to the right size or model of hospital bed to invest in, give us a call today!