Although giving birth on the back is the most common position, there are many different ways to utilize birthing beds for an individual’s optimal birth. Research has shown that staying in more upright/vertical positions throughout labor allows you to take advantage of gravity and how your body is designed to have a more efficient birthing process. There are a handful of tools to assist you in different positions, but one of the most useful and versatile tools is actually your birthing beds. Here are some of the positions you can use in your birthing beds.

On Your Hands and Knees

To achieve this position, put the back of the birthing bed in a reclined position and keep a cushion for your knees. Then you will lean your upper body over the back of the bed. You can prop a pillow and lean forward onto it. This will help keep your hips open wide and rest between contractions. Additionally, getting on your hands and knees can help relieve backpressure.

Adding a Squat Bar

Squatting during labor helps widen the opening of your pelvis which can encourage the baby to get into a more optimal position for birth. A squat bar can be attached to the bed, in an adjusted throne position, to let the mother rest between contractions. You can also be in a squatting position off of the bed but use the bed as a holding mechanism. Lower or raise the bed to a height that will allow you to use it to support your squat.

Lying on Your Side

Lying on your side allows you to rest and gives access to your back for massage or counter pressure to help relieve pain. You can use pillows or a ball to adjust your legs at the perfect angle of comfort and pelvic opening. This position works well with an epidural.

Birthing beds can be extremely versatile for finding the ideal position for labor. Hospitals should give you the information needed to make a decision for the best position for you. For more information on hospital and birthing beds for your business, contact us today.