The birthing bed has changed quite a bit throughout the history of bringing a child into the world. Giving birth at home was the most common option throughout much of the past. However, in the past century, the hospital has taken over.

In recent years, women have been seeking as much information as they can absorb about giving birth. Due to easily accessible technology, expectant mothers can get a very intimate idea of what her experience might entail. To provide more insight, we offer some popular tips on how to keep a mother-to-be comfortable throughout this laborious, yet beautiful process.

Listen To The Body

The best advice to any woman on her birthing bed is to pay attention to what her body is saying. In America, a majority of women equate giving birth to being in the hospital and pushing from a hospital bed. However, this is not necessarily the best for the body. Women often find squatting or on their hands and knees the most helpful. These positions rely on gravity for an extra boost.

Stay Cool

Any time the body is experiencing something strenuous, a person can overheat. Keep an ice pack wrapped in a towel or wet cloth to put on the mother’s face and neck throughout labor. Having cold liquids on hand and ice chips easily accessible to the mother from her birthing bed will also be appreciated.

Manage Stress and Pain

Placing a heating pad on the lower back is a soothing way to reduce pain. Also, applying pressure to the small of her back can be extra relieving. Something else a mother’s partner or family member can do is massage her temples, a pain deterrence.

Be Present

Whether the mother has gone to any birthing classes or not, she will be instructed how to properly breathe. Having a person who is there breathing with the mother and counting breaths gives her something to focus on. Holding hands can also be nice for the mother, especially when she needs to squeeze something.

When it comes to the big day, having support in the delivery room is a massive bit of comfort in itself. Mom is going through an incredible amount of changes so, being able to provide an easement to her situation will give her the best chance for a less stressful delivery.