ICU (Intensive Care Unit) bed shortages and the complications and risks that go with them are serious issues that have been plaguing hospitals for years. The consequences of the issue are not only felt by the patients who cannot get beds, but also by the nurses and doctors who have to care for them.

A major cause of the shortage of ICU beds is the imbalance in demand and supply. While patients who need ICU’s level of care increases, especially during this COVID-19 period, the number of beds has remained relatively unchanged. This has created a demand and supply gap that must be addressed if the issue is to be solved. Here’s why this issue is such a problem and how refurbished hospital beds can help.

Why the Shortage of ICU Beds Is a Problem

When there are no ICU beds available, the patients who need the level of care they provide will have to be cared for in another way. This can mean two things: either they are treated on regular wards as they wait for an ICU bed to become available, or they have to be transferred to another hospital.

In a regular ward, the patients who require the level of care provided by ICU beds will not receive proper treatment. This can affect their medical condition and could even result in death. Transferring patients to another hospital is not only time-consuming but very costly. It can also be risky, especially when the patient’s condition is very critical. Transferring patients can also mean that the treatment they need gets delayed. This can lead to complications or even death.

How to Solve the Shortage of ICU Beds

There is a pressing need to increase the number of ICU beds in hospitals. However, this will be difficult to do given that they are very costly. Thus, hospitals should consider buying refurbished hospital beds to meet the increasing demands of patients.

Refurbished ICU beds are cheaper to buy, but they often have the same quality as new ones. They are also just as reliable as new ones and can give you the same level of comfort. Refurbished hospital beds come with a warranty period, so you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth.

According to the American Hospital Association, there are over 6,000 hospitals and health care facilities in America. Most, if not all, of them are facing the same problem, which shows that it is a widespread issue. Hospitals and health care facilities that don’t have the resources to buy new ICU beds should consider buying refurbished ones. This is definitely a better option than having patients suffer due to a lack of ICU beds. Call us today to learn more about our high-quality, refurbished hospital beds and how they can benefit your hospital.