Anyone considering opening or renovating a birthing wing should know that a high-quality birthing bed is a piece of medical equipment that can last years with great utility. Additionally, laboring mothers can take advantage of them but usually don’t know how. According to PhillyVoice, most women deliver their babies lying on a regular hospital bed, but let’s find out why a birthing bed is the better option.

1. Birthing Beds Are Often Refurbished

Like other medical equipment, birthing beds can be refurbished and resold at lower prices. Lower-income clinics and hospitals can afford to give their patients better care with that reduced amount. Also, a high-quality birthing bed can last many years, but the hospital can refurbish it if they want it to look brand new and use it for many more years.

The fact is that refurbishing is the cost-efficient, and greener, option. Additionally, refurbished models are usually more durable than new designs, which have not passed the test of time and wear.

2. The Birthing Bed Shouldn’t Be Used the Whole Time

A birthing bed is not supposed to be used throughout the entire labor process. It’s a piece of medical equipment designed to make the actual birth easier and more comfortable. However, there’s a common misconception that a hospital must buy many high-quality birthing beds for their natal wing to accommodate the number of new moms arriving daily. That’s a mistake since a woman is only taken to the birthing bed when she’s completely dilated and ready to push.

3. Birthing Beds Have Other Uses

Birthing beds can be used in other ways to make patients comfortable. Medical staff and laboring mothers are supposed to take advantage of the design to have a good experience. Mothers can use it as support during examinations. They can choose to sit or lie on it as they please. Some women choose to stand and deliver on their feet, and the bed offers that option. They can also squat and more.

4. Women Used Birthing Chairs or Stools Before

A birthing bed has a versatile design because women are used to delivering babies on chairs or stools. Not everyone feels comfortable like this, but chairs were used to provide balance, and gravity helped with the delivery. Historically, there’s evidence of birthing chairs from 2000 BCE during Babylonian times.

Now that you know these facts about a high-quality birthing bed, the benefits are too great to ignore. Contact us to start making your expecting mothers more comfortable today.