A hospital stay can be stressful and costly. According to HCUP, the average hospital stay will cost over $10,700 in the United States. When trying to care for a patient who is injured, ill, or just stressed, making sure their stay goes as smoothly as possible is key. Having the right type of bed for each patient will keep your patients relaxed through their treatments. Whether you need fully-electric beds or emergency stretchers, the right bed will serve its purpose.

Manual Hospital Beds

A manual hospital bed is adjustable. You can use hand cranks to change the height of the bed and move the head and footrests. Whoever is operating a manual bed must be able to use a crank. These beds are best if someone physically capable can help with them.

Semi-Electric Hospital Beds

Semi-electric hospital beds have an electric motor to raise pieces of the bed. It controls the head and footrests. The height of the bed is still adjustable with a crank. The medical professional or patient will have the luxury of a motor-operated head and footrest but must manually adjust the height.

Fully-Electric Hospital Beds

Fully-electric hospital beds can be adjusted and controlled completely without a manual crank. The headrest, footrest, and height can be moved using a remote. All the moving parts on this type of hospital bed function on a motor. These beds are best for patients not physically capable of using a crank to adjust their beds.

Emergency Stretchers

Having emergency stretchers is key when dealing with a patient who cannot move. Emergency stretchers allow staff members to move patients in critical condition as quickly as possible. Oftentimes, they are used in public to help transport a patient from the scene of an accident to the ambulance and then into the emergency room. With this in mind, having emergency stretchers is key to keeping your patients alive and well.

Hospitals should be equipped with the beds they need to keep their departments running smoothly. Keeping your medical building fully stocked with the right medical equipment to properly care for your patients is an important part of running a medical practice. If you have more questions about what hospital beds you need in your medical facility, contact one of our professionals at Piedmont Medical Inc. today for answers.